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Landmark Forum…

I was supposed to be doing the Landmark Forum this weekend, after long insistence by my boss. But I changed my mind and chose not to do it. I realized that I was in a good place in my life right now and that things are pretty good. Of course, I’ve got my things to handle, which they are getting handled. It was just odd being in the room. I wasn’t coming from my prior experience at PD; the feeling was that I couldn’t really get into what the facilitator was saying. He spoke of his experience with LF and while I can see how it and things of this nature could bring tremendous value to people looking to make changes in their lives, I wasn’t in the space to do so, not at this juncture. I just feel really positive about what I’m up to in my life, so it’s almost like it isn’t terribly pertinent to me. Certainly, I’ll hear something from my boss about this on Monday, but I’m not too worried about that now.

I’m just going to enjoy the weekend and take care of some things with the newfound free time. That’s what I mean, ya know? I don’t feel bad about it or anything, there’s no need for any of that. It is what it is and that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m pretty pleased.

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