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I’m Impressed!

Yesterday was so lovely! It was a half day at work, so I made sure to be out around 2pm. I deserve it, dammit! Then I went over to Herman’s to help decorate his x-mas tree. Ohh, he has a GREAT tree. It’s so full and smells great… but he needs some more decorations, so I’m going to bring some stuff from my mom’s house today. She’s got a TROVE of crap she’s not using. So… *shrugs* I’m going to cook dinner tonight too, so of course, I’m mulling over my menu. I’m still up in the air about it tho. I’m going to cook down @ his house, so I can’t have anything that’ll make the place too smelly, too hot and so on. It really would be easier to come up to my place since I have a separate kitchen, but the tree man… I don’t have one. I have my little x-mas bush. It’s cute! Hehe.

I’ve really got to consider that because I have all my cooking equipment here and I might need most of it. Let me settle on my menu and I’ll figure out the rest.

Anyway, I ended up hooking up with Alberto and he finally got to see my apartment. He has some great ideas on how to spice up my place, which I will remember. I’m gonna be here for a while and all. 🙂 We ended up going to this restaurant downtown called Peasant (, where he knew damn near everyone! It was great! The place was rustic Italian, very open feel to the restaurant and the people are just so friendly and generous. Al picked everything for me, which I don’t normally do, but he knows the place and goes there all the time — who am I to tell what’s the hottest stuff there, right?

So the food. Excellent stuff, that’s all I can really say. The 3 courses… beautiful. The dessert… orgasmic. Absolutely so. So we had some stuff, but their menu is totally in Italian. I have no clue what is what, so I’ll describe it in English:

– Bacon and mozzarella, melted and served sizzling at the table. It’s a high end bacon, too. Don’t remember which.
– Stuffed razor clams. These super thin clams have a unique flavor that hits you at the sides of your tongue. The meat inside looks like a mini column, but the flavor is amazing.
– Spicy squid. This ended up at our table by accident and Al doesn’t do squid outside of another meal, so this was all me. It was cooked to the right consistency and there were some peppers there. It was pleasantly hot and flavorful.
– Pulled pork. God, I’ve never enjoyed pork as much as I did with this dish. Flavorful, served with little bits of potato and a piece of rib (which I devoured — YES, DEVOURED and left dry as the Sahara), it simply made itself at home in your mouth. Yes, this was great.
– Dessert was this custard dish. (Al, tell me the full name of this damn thing, please…) OMG, I put one bit in my mouth and dropped the spoon. The richness just hits you instantaneously and makes you stop. The word orgasm should be associated with this dessert.

And so there you have it. I got home around 2:30am after Al showing off his setup at home. Nice stuff. He’s great to hang with. 🙂

I’ve gotta get out of here now! Got a lot to do, not a lot of time to do it in and somehow I’ve still gotta make dinner! I thought this was supposed to be relaxing. Poot!

Merry Christmas everyone! Oh, the other holidays do start here too… Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa!