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Happy December Everyone!!

Huzzah! For it is the final month of the year, a time of reflection and assessing where one has concluded the year…. it is a time of love, peace, unity… and helluva lot of SHOPPING!!

I tell you this: that will NOT be me. The coffers are not that plentiful to be spending cash in troves like that. This, I believe, will be my most conservative Christmas yet. Granted, I’ve got a couple birthdays coming up for people, BUT that’s not the big merchandising holiday.

I want no part of it. End of story.

I’m at work right now and the goal for the week is to get out of work on time every day. 6pm. The goal. I only say this because I’ve been working super late for a while and I’m sick of it! I should be able to go home at a decent hour like all the regular office workers of the world. One thing… one day at a time…