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And so, 2006 looms…

Some say it’s just another day, Sunday in fact. Some swear it’s the end of the world and if you don’t indulge to the fullest, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life, your karma will be screwed up and your next life will be a fat cow. Well, not me. It’s not just another day. In fact, every day is not ‘just’ another day. It’s a precious day of your life. Tonight is no different.

So go out, wherever you are, even if it’s staying at home alone or hanging out in Times Square seeing the ball drop… wherever you are, have fun. There’s a party in Japan that people go to called “bonenkai” where you forget the things of the past year and look forward. 2005 is done, you did what you did and it may have been great, maybe not so great. So what?

What matters is what you do next. That’s the way I’m looking at life. So with 2006 looming, I finish off this year very appropriately I think… with Herman watching the ball drop in Times Square. What a journey this has been for the last year… and I think I’m ready for the next mountain to climb. 😉

Happy new year to you all, my friends in Japan, family in England and the Caribbean and everyone in the US… you are the reason I am here. I love you all.