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Trance People, Where Are You?

I can’t believe it’s almost halfway through this week. Tonight, I was at work til 8:45pm and my desk is piled high with crap to handle. It’s unbelievable. *sigh* As tired as I feel right now, I want to sit and watch the thing I recorded about “The Crusades”. TWO hours of historical goodness. I don’t know if I’m up for it quite yet.

Anyway, that’s not the title of this post. As popular as trance is, even at a cult level, it’s amazing how many people have a misrepresented view of what the genre of music is, disrespect even! People think it’s techno, which it isn’t (techno is something TOTALLY different) and many can’t tell the difference between trance and house. People, I think, are more familiar with house than with trance. So, yo! Where are my trance people? I’m no clubber by any means, but there’s something inherently beautiful about listening to that stuff and sharing that experience with someone else.

Any takers?