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This is just wrong….

I CANNOT believe that my mind is so stuck on work at the moment that I can’t frickin sleep. It’s quarter to 6am and I’m getting ready to go to work. This is RIDICULOUS! I need to take a fucking look at this and really get myself straight. It’s been crazy at work and I don’t really have a whole lot of help with the stuff I’m working on. Some of these things I shouldn’t even be DOING, but they will either NOT be done at all or done with some level of gross incompetence. Then I’d have to go and fix it. Screw that.

I am not pleased right now. I’m going to wash up, get some coffee (YES, that vile, wretched pot of blackness) and go to work.


(And I don’t need to hear about you’re choosing to do this and so on… I know that shit. Which is why I said I need to LOOK at why this keeps happening to me at every damn job I have. I should only work this hard at a job I actually enjoy… :-/)