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Paul van Dyk: The Prelude

So tonight’s the big event: Paul van Dyk LIVE at The Roxy!! I’m so excited. It’s effing cold out though! Tonight’s low: 38 degrees!! JESUS H, man!

But… I’m still gonna work it! 😀 Hehe. I’m going to figure out my dress in a minute, then I’m going to truss myself up and stuff… then I’m off to meet Herman. The doors open at 9pm, but you know how DJs are. He won’t be out til at the earliest MIDNIGHT… but there’s no doubt gonna be a line at the place to get in. SO, we should get there in some sense of time to avoid sitting out in the cold for a half hour or more. Which is more than likely even though I HAVE tix.

Ok, lemme go get ready. I know how these things are… I’m going in comfy gear to get my dance and my sweat on… 😀