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Paul van Dyk: The Aftermath

All I’ve got to say is… he really IS the MAN. Herman and I got there, and there was a this HUGE line across the street going into the Roxy from the back of the club. Those were the people that were on “will call” orders and guest lists. Fortunately, we had a shorter line as people with what they called “hard” tickets — paper tickets essentially. So we got in after about 10 minutes of waiting. The Roxy is very organized, you know! I’ve never been before… And thorough… Jesus, their body checkers were damned thorough. The lady that checked me said, “This may be a little uncomfortable…” then proceeded to check just about every crevise on my body — up and down my arms and legs, the rim of my jeans, she even ran a finger under my bra and jiggled my boobs to make sure things weren’t being help up there. Yes, she jiggled my boobs!! Anyway, then they had the coat check right there before you even get in. It was great.

Who knew PvD was already out, tho! The man is prompt and really gives you a full show for your cash. The doors opened at 9pm, we were inside by around midnight… I can only assume that he was on for a short while before hand. Of course, as you already know, I don’t drink or do drugs, ESPECIALLY SO when I’m dancing. Water, lots of it. I think by the time the night was done, I had about 6 bottles of water. I think. AT $6 A PIECE!! Yes, you thought some places were robbing you blind. Leave it to a club to rip your asshole from your body and expect you to smile at it. $6/bottle for water. Insanity. The line for the bathroom… well, people went unisex after a while because they hated waiting, let’s just put it that way.

The music… was incredible. It was just as good, if not better than at the SummerStage. He spun some great stuff, some classics that everyone recognized, some new stuff I hadn’t heard… people were dancing up a storm! I know I was… I was SO gone, it’s no wonder some guy thought I was rollin (on E, that is, for those of you that never frequent a club)!! It’s euphoria for me, just moving and stuff. Herman eased into it, but it didn’t take long before he was a goner too. We had a great great time.

Here’s the one thing I did observe, and this needs to be said:

1) A dancing club is not a lounge. You are there to DANCE.

There were people standing on the dance floor with their drinks just watching the DJ spin… and I’m like, “Move the hell out of my way, I’m trying to dance!”. It was ridiculous! Every club has areas where you can sit down, chill and people watch; even Roxy had those along the back wall. Go over THERE. Not on my dance floor.

2) The 3 o’clock hour — witching time!

It never fails, and I shared this with Herman. When 3am rolls around, like clockwork, all the crazy shit starts happening. The crowd thins out a little bit, a few more ‘rollin’ folks start getting their thing on, the weed gets smoke, all the standard smokers are probably smoking by now… it gets crazy with drugs, smoke and liquored up people. This is the one thing about the club I can’t stand. But wait, it was WORSE in the old days before smoking was banned indoors. Can you imagine? I remember when the cloud of smoke made you think you had a pack already!

AND 3) Posers… and plenty of them!

There were SO many people there that weren’t dancing, not people watching…. they were only into the music because their significant other was there. Yes, I could notice THAT. Like the guy would be dancing his ass off and the girl would just kinda be moving all blah and what not. And VICE VERSA. All night I saw this. Although there were more than a few girls with long hair that were dancing so hard their hair was smacking me in the face… but that’s to be expected. Annoyed the crap out of me, but whatever. Yeah! Folks that have no concept of how awesome PvD really is. A man that was spinnin WELL after we left at 4am! He was probably playing til around 5 or 6am.

Wait, there IS one more:

I love glow sticks. Really, I do. But there are some people that are completely obnoxious with it and take up valuable dance floor real estate. I don’t mind when the crowd thins out and it gets later… but early on, it’s annoying! They can be such showoffs. I think you can rave without being obnoxious and intrusive about it. That’s just me.

So there you have it! Awesome time… I sweat SO much that I took my shirt off at the Roxy and squeezed it out… it SPLASHED onto the floor. SPLASHED, I tell you. *shakes head*

Ooh, as it turns out, Tiesto is going to be in town at Crobar on Nov 26th, the day after my birthday!! I would like to go, I think. Let’s see.