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It has been terribly hectic at work lately and will continue to be like this for the foreseeable future. As it was, tonight I was at work til 20 minutes to eight. PM. I was there of my own free will, so I’m not bitching in the least. It’s just there was a lot to do and not a whole lot of folks to help do it. *shrug* A lot of renovation and organization is going on in a few office of the suite, plus we’re in the process of closing up some cases, getting some momentum for the year end.

I’ve been exploring my options regarding work. There are alternatives that I need to really look at and it comes down to making a concrete decision, one I have been dreading for some time because it means I have to give a lot of shit up. It would mean putting aside all the little ideas that come into my mind (non-writing, that is), all the concoctions I tend to come up with as “good plans” or “ideas”. I would have to buckle down and just do one thing and do it well. Granted, I may not prosper this way — I’ve made my way so far by being a jack of all trades. In fact, it may very well drive me insane without the outlet of some other thing I enjoy far more than the sole thing I do. I don’t know and won’t know until I attempt it. I’ll let you know how this quest goes and what happens. Believe me, there’s no way it wouldn’t show up here.

I had some nice little Russian foodstuffs at Herman’s place tonight; I was really in the mood for pelmeni. Tasty stuff, man! Many thanks to him for his gracious cookage. 😉 Xорошo! (Okay!) I’m actually glad I’m learning some Russian… the sound of the language is rather nice. Still like Japanese more…

Well, it’s almost time for sleep… this weekend I might be getting together with the ladies of LP29. Actually, I’ll be loading up the car as best I can to bring some stuff here to my apartment, then move some stuff around. Rearrange the place, basically. I guess I’ll be busy…