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The Power of CSS

Some of you may have seen this site before:

CSS Zen Garden gives you ONE HTML page (properly, but long-windedly coded for current standards – XHTML Strict 1.0 — 2.0 isn’t quite ready yet) to work your CSS magic with. It’s an ingenious prospect that I think I might try on. My CSS skills are okay… I don’t do anything major with them, although I probably should change my site over to being clearly defined as form and style separately.

Either way, it is amazing to see all the great and different designs that people make. It encourages me greatly, as this is something I still like doing after all these years. I like graphics, working with them and actually creating new things. It’s fun! 😀

Koneko Pavilion has come a long way design-wise and has constantly gotten simpler and simpler in look. The version on the site now is v6. Yup, there were 5 prior designs to my site. I usually change it every year for a new look, but I’m going to keep this one for 2006. Version 6 for `06. Ok, that was corny, but whatever. It works for me.

xoxo ~ Mika