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On DVD: Rabbit-Proof Fence

The movie I just watched is probably one of the most powerful movies I’ve ever seen. Hands down. I had no idea the level of discrimination in Australia was to the level portrayed in this movie, which is based on a true story. Three young indiginous girls, half-caste children (mixed children from aboriginal and white parents), were stolen away from their parents to a secluded facility 1200 miles away from their home. Somehow, through some level of strength, they ran away and decided to make their way back home…

If you have ANY concept of Australian topography, you should be in AWE at what they had to endure. The vile, wretched desert mid-country that consumes most healthy men… these girls did the impossible. Something or someone was out there looking out for them. Truly, “Rabbit-Proof Fence” is unbelievably enlightening and the fact that they got indiginous people as cast raises my level of respect for the director. The story is compelling, the music beautiful, how they portray the natives admirable… the only thing I cannot vouch for is the historical accuracy, of which they note a lot of things. Such as the Aboriginal Act… giving one man power over what happens to the entire nation of aborigines — a white man, at that. Racism, in all its forms, is deplorable. What these people had to endure through to the 1970s… torn families, loss of their culture and identities… those are things that cannot be replaced. What drove people to such misplaced need to “help” them, only heaven knows.

See this movie. Please.