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Natives Can Do Whatever They Want!

Tell me… what in God’s green earth possessed me to take that job tonight in Brooklyn? I knew full and well that I would have a hard time getting home. *shakes head* Well, I had to get smart about this. These were my old “stomping grounds”, so I had to think of the best way to get to the A train. The B41 bus was not an option; I looked at the schedule and the damn thing only ran once an hour. ONCE A FRICKIN HOUR!! So I figured, I could walk to the B46 and get off at Fulton Street, where I could catch the A train. BINGO! We have a winner folks. Only the 46 took a while. It was weird, passing through my old neighborhood on Utica Avenue. Lots of the same things are there; some are replace by new stores. For the most part, it still looked the like the same old dingy neighborhood I used to live in. *shrug* I was just chillin on the bus tho, reading “The Life of Pi” (which is taking me an inordinately long time to complete! but i’m making progress thanks to tonight’s journey) and listening to some PvD.

Anyway, I hop the A train, which fortunately for me, rolled into the platform 2 minutes after I got through the turnstile. Didn’t EVEN have to wait. Isn’t that awesome?! The police were on the platform giving these two teenagers tickets for something; no matter, there was no time to actually see what that was about. So there I am in the last car of the train, where I need to be. Now, lots of tourists wouldn’t dare travel in NYC at that time of night. Some locals would be apprehensive. Consider this: I travelled from Avenue N in Mill Basin/Canarsie to Utica Avenue and Fulton in Crown Heights… then hopped a train heading for Inwood. It was cool, just sitting there minding my own business and reading my book. I even turned off the iPod for a while, only because these stupid earbud headphones don’t stay in my ear. (Don’t they make these things for people with semi-shallow ears like mine? They just don’t stay in place… even if I’m not moving!) Nobody paid me any mind and I think that is a skill of a native… to be in the environment and not have a single soul notice you. It’s as if you’re invisible, you’re an incidental part of the scenery that is the train. Considering it’s 3am at the moment, that’s fucking profound-sounding. 😛 LOL.

When it’s all said and done, it took me 2 hours to get home. *sigh* I’m pooped and strangely, I don’t want to sleep at the moment. I guess I just had to get this little commentary thing out of my system. I expect to be writing more blog entries of this nature, so it won’t be surprising to have blurbs of semi-consciousness flit about on this page. Joy.

With that, to bed I go. Oh, right… I’m already sitting in it. Poot.