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Cool Outing Tonight

Tonight was pretty cool. I met up with Gus, who’s in the neighborhood, and we ate at this nice Indian restaurant called Kismat. The food was pretty damn good and I was in the mood for Indian too. 🙂 We had a nice long conversation about various topics including DDR. There’s a tournament coming up this weekend at the Javits Convention Center for the Digital Life thing. I said that I’d stop by and check it out. It would be interesting to see how that’s come along after all these years since I started playing. Of course I’m not competing (I’m way too old for the game in any mode of competition), but only to watch and see the folks that are into it these days.

Anyway, I’m back home and I’m going to catch up on some TiVo stuff for a bit, then do some reading. I kinda like this relax time that I have. Oh! I’ve gotta make a decision about the new lease for this apartment. I know I’m staying; I love this place. But it’s a matter of a one year lease or two year. I can see myself staying for at least another year, but two.. I don’t know. I’d like to stay though… *thinks* Well, I have til the end of the month to make up my mind.

As such, I’ve actually gotta find me a 2nd job. I’m going to get on the lookout and start my searching. This place doesn’t pay for itself. It’s a shame tho, for all the work I do at my day job, it still doesn’t pay enough. *shakes head* Sad.