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Abundant Incompetence

I am rather glad about this whole Harriet Miers thing being done. How President Bush could dare to nominate someone that was clearly not qualified for a LIFETIME position astounds me. Of course, it isn’t the first time that he has done such a thing and I’m surprised that no one is doing anything about his “presidential privilege”. Bad enough that the government of the United States is abundantly incompetent, but the fact that nothing is being done to change it makes me very very upset.

Who can you trust these days? Where does the line of deception and disaster end? I would never personally get involved in politics because of my distaste for the whole affair, but there have to be people out there that would want to make a difference in that arena. I want to know just who the heck they are so that I’m voting for the right folks come election time.

SPEAKING of election time, New York City residents! Make sure to vote YES for the Transportation Bond Act that will get all kinds of work done on our mass transit system, such as the Second Avenue subway, purchase of new trains and buses, and other capital improvements. The MTA has a $100 million+ surplus – those fuckers better spend some of it on us, the riders.