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Reflection Time

This WILL be a long post — consider yourself forewarned.



Ok, that’s enough space! ^_^ I’m past the halfway point for the year and it’s time to have a look at what the remaining 3 months are going to look like. I have made some abrupt but appropriate decisions for myself, just in the last 24 hours… I have decided NOT to take the IRS exam tomorrow. I’ve wasted time on foolish things before. The $50 is already spent; I do not want to waste further time on something I’m truly not interested in. Although it’s about the money, I don’t want to live my life that way. I will find a way to make money doing something I enjoy.

I’m looking at the things I like to do… what really gets me excited.

I like LANGUAGES quite a bit. I want to continue learning Japanese. I also want to learn Russian, Icelandic, Chinese and Korean. I think my language threshold should stop at 8 studied. (English, Spanish, French, German to be included.) If I get really good, I can be a translator as a side job. That takes years though and I don’t have years to commit to this when my current financial situation doesn’t allow for that kind of span.

Of course, I enjoy writing, but I haven’t really done it lately, not to my liking anyway. I still love it when I zone out and get really into it. It’s a satisfying feeling! I’ve gotta think about how I can revive this one.

Then there’s singing. I’d be a great backup singer, but I want to headline. Sing lead… there’s training to consider, breath control and all that. Although I’ve been singing all my life, I’m first to admit that I need some training to sound a lot better.

First and foremost, all this sort of involves (and is important to me) being fit and in shape. Regular exercise, eating right and not going overboard. I love how I look; I don’t have any issues about that anymore and I’m grateful for it. There are a lot of things that I am confident about and that is one of them.

There’s a few things that I’m not complete about in my life and I’m going to really get a move on handling all that stuff fully. I hate having things hang over my head, stuff I know I should just take care of, and really give myself a chance to start things on a clear slate.

SO! Here’s the deal. I’m going to lay it all out for everyone in my circle to see in a separate and long e-mail to the people I trust. At least there will be someone in my life to hold me accountable (aside from my own self). I count on you, my friends, to be a source of support.

I’ve a lot to accomplish in 3 months, so I’ve gotta create a plan for myself that works. Enough dillydallying, distractions and selling out. I’m sick of seeing it and seeing myself do it. This new game is now on.