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Read Something Interesting

I’ve never actually read relationship books before. In fact, I kind of shied away from it, thinking them hokey and full of bullplop. But, the book I did read, “The Woman Men Adore…And Never Want To Leave”, was rather interesting. I read it for a couple of reasons: 1) my prior post and series of inquiries about how relationships really work and what it is that makes each gender happy in relationship, and 2) I wanted to see some more professional perspectives on the matter.

(This is my tendency. Once I’ve got a topic in my head, I need to find out more about it, understand it and somehow apply it to myself if it is a working formula. I think that’s an okay thing to do.)

Well, it was quite enlightening in some respects. Some of the things I did realize, from the work I’d done in PD about how your past can hold you to your present. But, there were some more important distinctions stemming from differences in personality, having a complementary relationship (as opposed to an “equal” one), the importance of creating trust and what men are predisposed to doing. While they are generalities, they can give an idea of what it could be like between a man and a woman. I found myself saying, “OMG, that’s just how my previous relationship was like!”. It was shocking to see it in written form the kind of person I was before and how that influence created what happened. At the same time, I recognized immediately that I was far from the same woman that was in that prior situation. Much more confidence and awareness of my value, of what I bring to the table. I’m a hot catch… and that’s really just being modest! ^_^

I hope my sharing this book with others will give some women out there a little insight into some tangible things that can be shifted to create a different result. All things considered, the book is only 104 pages long, but a lot is crammed into those 104 pages. I liked it. I’ll be reading it again soon.