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Playing Catch-Up

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? A post of any real quality, that is. Well, looks like it’ll have to wait a few more hours until I get home, because I’ve gotta head to work shortly. Suffice it to say, it’s been very quiet. I’m going back under the knife to remove the pin in my toe this Friday, which means I won’t be making it to Kevin and Heather’s wedding on Saturday. *frown* Not too sure how laid up I will be, it’s hard to tell at this juncture. I’ll get a chance to work on some stuff here in the house. It was pretty dirty and I’ve still got the bathroom and the back area to clean. I keep forgetting how big this apartment really is! It’s great… 😀

Oh in other news, I’ve agreed to do the Landmark Forum, to which my boss paid for. I did this for a couple of reasons: I’m curious about it compared to PD (there’s the analytics working) and it seems okay on the base level of things. It’s very similar philosophies. Besides, I didn’t pay for it. 😀 That’s probably the best part. So I’m doing it on November 11-13. Theirs is 3 days long 9am to around 10pm (they mentioned midnight but with it that long anyway, does it really matter?). Here is the thing tho: I have to be clear with Scott and must set down some groundrules about me doing LF: 1) there will be no “random coaching” — if I want it, I will ask for it; 2) I do not want him using me as the example of doing LF for the entire office (I can see this happening easily because he HAS expressed this desire for everyone to do it). I’ve done PD, got a lot out of it and it changed my life 180 for the better. People have to be in a place in their lives where they WANT to make changes in their life, where they want to realize greater things… within a work environment and the way he enrolls, I don’t know how truly effective it is; and lastly, 3) I don’t want him pressuring me to do their Advanced course. This is it, all I agreed to so far. The most important thing is the work environment stuff… his take is being able to “speak the same language”. There’s a LOT of jargon in Landmark. To an extent, PD has it too, but Landmark takes it to a whole other level. I don’t want to speak the same language in that sense — SPEAK FUCKING ENGLISH so that people can understand you! He understands me just fine speaking the way I speak now, even post-PD. And I don’t use any PD jargon at work.

It’s just weird, I suppose, but I’m doing it anyway. *shrug* Maybe I’ll regret it, maybe I won’t. I’m not gonna make a whole lot about it. Ok, I’m off.