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KP was defaced!

My little piddly website was defaced! It had some anti-war propoganda going on in it, with some cat wailing in some audio file. It was weird. Who would want to deface my front page, anyway? I’m anti-war too! Guess that doesn’t really matter. On a side but related note, I contacted my webhost about it and they got back to me pretty quick… their server wasn’t hacked. So it was an isolated incident. *shrug* I’ve since restored things and changed passwords, etc etc. *shakes head* Such are the perils of the age we live in.

Currently, I’m reading “Life of Pi”… so far it’s quite interesting. Just in sections about religion, I’m really engaged and ready for serious conversation about it. But I’ll wait til I’m done. Sure there’s a lot more interesting things to read. It’s a weird format, how it is written. Kinda reminds me of.. William Faulkner. Vaguely.

Oh! The pin in my toe was removed… I’ve kept it for sentimental reasons. That sucker is HUGE! Hehe. I’m off to sleep now. Ciao.