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A Bit of a Sexist?

I was just writing some stuff for my section, Mika’s House, and while doing the MEN and SEX sections, I had the thought that I’m a little bit of a sexist — against women! Weird, huh? Perhaps I’m more old-fashioned about some things. Not that I think that guys should be the breadwinners and women should be at home. Nah, I don’t believe in that crap. However, I do think that when it comes to sexual liberty (now keep in mind I’m speaking from a heterosexual female mind), that women have a responsibility to keep their men satisfied. Men do too, but for purely biological reasons, it stands to question that men do have a bigger drive than women do (generally, that is). Women are also more picky about sex than men — there are exceptions to this and I’ve been PERSONALLY witness to it.

Am I saying that women are sexually inferior to men? No. I do think that women could stand to be more liberal about how they portray themselves sexually. What we see in the media is a blatant bastardization of how women are, I think. Some show the nagging lover or the sexually distant wife — and in some sick way, men keep going back to that. Hmm.. I’m rationalizing my own analysis. Wow. Perhaps men go back to that because there is some kind of sick allure, of trying to break their lover into being a sex fiend or some such.

There’s a question: why do men stay with nags and why do women stay with dogs? *_* It’s a paradox of the universe!! It just should not be! *looks at clock* I think it’s a horrible combination of being really really pent-up and lateness that has perpetuated this whole post. I should find my bed. Quickly.