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Stargate SG-1 – Season 8 & 9 commentary

I’ve been a Stargate fan since the beginning, those humble beginnings from the movie with Kurt Russell. So if anyone can make comments on the series, I unequivocally can. So here’s what I have to say about Season 8 and 9…

What have they done with Jack O’Neill?!

Granted, I see where they went and are going with the storyline. There are no spoilers; this happened already. So Jack is gone from the SGC, but it’s still unclear of where they’re going with Jack and Sam. Clearly, Sam was in no state to get married to Pete since she still has feelings for Jack. The whole end of the season was unusual! They got stuck in Ancient Egypt at the time when humans rebelled against the Goa’uld… so they had the whole time travel trip to do to fix the timeline. Don’t these people learn not to fuck with the space-time continuum? Anyway, it all works out somehow… as it does in its infinite Stargate way. 😀

But, Season 9 is interesting. A whole new cast since everyone got reassigned by their choice. It was so bloody sudden and no explanation was given for the change. That’s what confused me. I like the new SG-1 lead, Cameron Mitchell. Even though O’Neill isn’t there anymore, he’s got a similar personality — AND he’s CUTE. They were going to get rid of everyone, but Daniel Jackson, by good fortune, is stuck here with SG-1. Vala is back, the offworlder theiving beauty. She is a welcome change to the regular cast, but I’m not entirely sure what role she is going to play long-term. I fear she’s going to end up like another Jonas Quinn if the writers aren’t ingenious with her role. Teal’c, of course, is there but he has complications with the new Jaffa nation taking hold and an opposition role from Gerak (played by Louis Gossett Jr.!). I like the Jaffa storyline more than the regular storyline at the moment.

Although!!! In that first set of episodes for the new season, a new enemy has arisen! They needed one since the major goa’uld players are out of commission. The Ori are super powerful, moreso than the Goa’uld! They are from the age of the Ancients and the Ascended. Who knew Ascended could be evil too? This is pure religious rhetoric at its best. This storyline should prove to be interesting indeed.

Well, that’s it. I’m not excited about this new season, but I AM curious to know where they are going to lead the Ori and Jaffa nation storylines. Since Daniel is no longer Ascended, nobody’s going to stand a chance against that kind of power. What will they do….