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Paul van Dyk ROCKS….

I can say with utter certainty that Paul van Dyk is the MAN. Unequivocally. The whole show was great!! It was easy to get in, unlike at M.I.A. with the incredible crowd… and there were a ton of people hanging around at the entrance trying to get tickets for the sold-out show. There were even some scalpers!! There were no intro DJs — just PvD himself… AND he started on time!! 😀

The only word that can describe the music is STUPENDOUS. I hadn’t danced as hard as I did in years! There wasn’t as big a crowd of people as M.I.A., BUT the crowd that was there was all about PvD. They were moving their asses, dancing up a storm! It wasn’t a super young crowd either… looked to me like the age range was from 23 to 35 or so. I even saw some folks that had to be in their 40s. Just goes to show, trance is for everyone.

I did go with Herman to this event and I’m so happy I did. We had a great time dancing up a storm. Although it was hot out, it didn’t seem like it mattered. He drenched me from time to time with water and between the sweat and water I was soaked. He was drenched in sweat too… lots of folks were! All that mattered was the beat of the music… PvD would tease us with the breakdown in certain sections… then would blast up the bass and everyone would be jumping up and down dancing. Hehehehe… what fun! Then… THEN! he played his song “Time of Our Lives”… everyone broke it down… he lowered the vocals for a section and everyone sang along. It was GREAT!! Four bottles of water and a rest in the stands later… and we were ready to call it quits. Man, I lost my damn mind in the music, just moving moving and moving… I felt no pain, no nothing. There wasn’t a thought in my head except to keep moving and just zone out. That’s the most amazing feeling and I wish I could bring that kind of feeling into my daily life and other things in my life. But dancing it is and that’s just fine by me.

We left like around 9:30 or so… he was scheduled to be done by 10 so we wanted to beat the rush. He played some familiar songs and he was pretty on point with the music. There were some mixes where he slowed the beat down a little bit and that was very very cool. There was a different breakdown beat for a couple of them, but again, it was so appropriate. He read the crowd like a book it seemed.

PvD live… is an awesome, awe-inspiring experience. I am SO glad I decided to go.

Seeing Herman zone out was cool too! Never seen that before… hehe. It’s always nice to do that sort of thing with someone else. I had never laughed as much as I did… that laugh of euphoria. *shakes head* I felt free. That is what trance does… it’s a sense of freedom, from everything and everyone, every circumstance and situation… freedom from the insanity of the world and all the bullshit that comes with it. Freedom from the mundaneness of daily living. Free.

The aftermath, of course, is a super sore body and tired feet. REALLY TIRED FEET. I have aches in places that they shouldn’t exist! But it was all worth it. I would do it again and with even more vigor if given the opportunity. 😀 Feeling THAT alive shouldn’t be exclusive to trance, I swear.