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Paul van Dyk in Central Park Tomorrow!!

It has been some time since I’ve enjoyed a nice outing with live dance music. M.I.A. wasn’t the same, that bhangra type beat and all. I love me some trance. So tomorrow, I get the unrivaled pleasure of seeing Paul van Dyk live in Central Park. Huzzah! I’m glad that Herman is coming with me for this event — it should be a lot of fun and I think he’s going to like this sort of thing. Maybe. 😛 Oh well.

Anyhoo, I had a nice time at Herman’s office today for their anniversary thing. What a nice place!! I’m telling you, he’s one lucky fella. And he knows it. I’m thoroughly jealous, but that just means I get to create a nice atmosphere here in my office. It gave me a some good ideas. 😉 I’d like to leave my legacy here at this small company when I decide to say sayonara, visually and functionally. ^_^

Not to go on a tangent or anything, but I’m still really happy with my life at the moment. Tricky times, indeed… but I’m really happy nonetheless. It can always be better, but sometimes you’ve gotta just enjoy the here and now. It’s way too easy to look far ahead in anticipation when good things await you right here.

That’s it for now. I’m heading home to change for work tonight!