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Keeping It Real

It was really nice to see the reviews people made on some of my E Collection stories on Granted, it IS erotica so the reviews are totally subjective and based upon preference of each reader. But it’s nice to see when thousands of people have read your stories and overall, they approve and even recommend them.

I love having total strangers acknowledge what I constantly question myself… being a good writer.

There is a LOT more that I have to learn regarding writing in general, some more advanced things that I just never put into practice. I can’t give you an example offhand, but it is a constant process. The one thing that takes many people years (including myself) to find is one’s voice. That I DO have… my own distinctive style of writing, how I weave the story and create something tangible that you can visualize and give life to.

I know I have a long way to go. I’ve been saying I want to be a writer for years… even declared that I AM a writer in the last year. Now it’s time for me to follow through on it, regardless of the consequences. So, here is my ambitious plan.

I’m going away to SF in a few weeks. In that time, I’m going to square away some outstanding stories that I have started and did not complete. That would consist of a fair amount of E Collection stories (5 of them to be exact) and a couple other stories that won’t necessarily be completed. A good chunk of time will be put into further developing them. Stories like “The Elders of El’Anfar”, which was meant to be a bi-monthly story for my website that would be updated regularly… those are the things that will get my juices not only flowing, but GUSHING.

So, here’s the challenge I present to myself. It’s up to me to make it happen.