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I Don’t Buy Astrology….

But I always find it amusing. Read what they say about my sign, Sagittarius:

My Sun Sign is the same as my regular sign…

“Sagittarius has Fire energy and is a very extroverted, mobile, expansive Sign. We find the Sagittarius always ready for action. To others, the Sagittarius is a personification of Jupiter’s enthusiastic energy, the ultimate cosmic host or hostess with the mostess. They can be spellbinding in their philosophies! The Mutable Quality makes change and variety very important, for Sagittarius cannot stand boredom.

Without balancing energy, however, Sagittarius can become too flexible, bending to every force or source. Restlessness can diffuse energy, and finding a secure position in life isn’t as easy as we would think. Quiet contemplation can temper the Fire and heighten the intuition. With a measure of patience, Sagittarius can slow the impatient desire to move way too fast and savor life in the process.”

And my Love Sign (*chuckle*) is Scorpio — explaining why I attract so many Scorpio men:

“Those with Venus in Scorpio are the ones most likely to take a mystical, magical ride in the name of love. The fact that these folks are already mysterious serves to enhance the journey. Intense and powerful, those with this placement make for the most passionate and exciting of lovers. A bit naughty? You bet! That Scorpion in the House of Love can inflict a bite which will linger longer, and a darned sexy one at that. These are individuals who want it all: a connection on an intellectual, spiritual and physical level is the bare minimum. Added to that must be zest, fire and an intensity of epic proportions! With Venus in Scorpio, finding mates is not a problem. What will ensue, however, will be most interesting! Even so, these folks want their relationships to be keepers, valuing as they do a solid connection with a loyal partner. Anything short of this could break this lover’s heart in two. That said, those with their Venus in Scorpio will be most blissful with someone who can match their passion and zest step for step. This game of love will be hot, but it’s the end game which matters most.”