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Good Times in Frisco

Its been pretty good so far since we got here. I didnt realize how much Id missed San Francisco until we actually arrived. This place is just such a refreshing place to be that Im truly amazed that New Yorkers that come out this way (or any other major metropolis) doesnt pick up some things that would benefit our home city in some way. More open space, more air… most of all, more things that smell good! 😀

We got in around 2 and it was more or less smooth sailing. Amazingly, I remembered just about everything about the trip to Mountain View. That tends to be the thing with trips, you know. I dont really forget how to get around from place to place. That is the one thing I have a great memory about. Everything else pretty much sucks. LOL. Herman got to drive again (hard to believe we were just here 3 months ago!!) and he was having a dandy time. Actually, Friday was pretty laid back. Plane travel takes a lot of you so we were just chillin for a while. We ended up going to the American bar/grill that we went to on our first trip, Tied House. The food is quite good at that place and its pretty close by on Villa off Castro. That was such a good call. Then we came back to the hotel and sat around in the jacuzzi for a while. He swears hes going to teach me to swim, but Im so scared of drowning… its no wonder that my muscles tense up and everything just goes plop. But Im going to do my best!! The night was pretty early actually… I think we went to sleep around 11 if Im not mistaken. Really early.

Saturday was nothing short of stupendous. We had an early day, after deciding to get the continental breakfast at Hotel Avante and then going to the amusement park, Paramounts Great America. Not only is the place super close (only 3 exits away from where we are), but the park is simply amazing! I didnt think it would be as big as it was and the rides were just unbelievable. The park itself cost a heapload of cash, but we lucked out because there was some company promotion that day where tons of employees from that company were there. They gave Herman a ticket so we only ended up having to pay for one ticket, which was $49.99. They have a deal online where you can get it for $20 off, but only if you buy it 3 days in advance. Anyway, so we lucked out! Once inside, talk about unbelievable coasters. You know I made a big old hoopla about being on the thing for the first time in a long time. I was all nervous, heart beating fast and just going crazy in general, but once we got on the Vortex, it was all over. I was ready for more speed. With certainty, we tried every roller coaster in the park. EVERY SINGLE ONE. I think there were 6 major ones? Something like that. It was pretty hot yesterday too, the sun beating down on us. That sunscreen was a wise investment, otherwise Herman (and maybe even I) would have been burned beyond recognition. Like CRISPY. Either way, it was pretty damned cool! We spent the entire day there and left something like an hour before closing. Man, what an unbelievable day. Oh! I nearly forgot… they had some awesome merchandise there: some Family Guy dolls, Napoleon Dynamite t-shirts and some other miscellaneous goodies. I got this really really cute little pillow of a sunflower! AHHHH… its so cute! Hehe. Oh! AND we got to play DDR, Percussion Freaks and Hip Hop Mania!

So we decided to go back to the hotel after that and figure out what we were going to do for the remainder of the night, which consisted in some way, shape or form of going into San Francisco. The restaurant we were originally intending to visit, Tsunami, was easy enough to get to, but what we encountered (and found to be the source of frustration) was finding parking. Simply put, THERE IS NO PARKING IN SAN FRANCISCO! The question we kept asking is how are these people going out and drinking, and getting home? Still dont know the answer to that questions. BUT, what ended up happening is we got back onto the big road, Van Ness, and tried to see if there was anything there. The concensus was to find a parking lot and get out and walk around to see what was available. By sheer luck, we found a place to park, then proceeded to find a series of people that were very helpful in giving us ideas for places to see. We walked down Polk (the next street over) and found a jazz bar, plenty of restaurants and bars/clubs.

We ended up going to Ozone, this highly recommended Thai restaurant on Polk. OMG, the food there was amazing. Herman had this Pineapple Fried Rice that he tore up and I had an amazing ginger chicken dish that was great. The girls that worked there were cute and pleasant, and the restaurant itself was VERY roomy! They had Thai karaoke music playing in the background. Also, I have never seen a thai restaurant menu with actual thai written for each dish. That was a nice touch. That place gets my two thumbs up.

We walked around for a little bit afterward, but heres the deal. The guy warned us that once you got to Geary, things start to get a little seedy. He wasnt kidding. We were a block off Geary and decided to turn up and see what was on the next street. Tell me why we ran into several hotels (the shady and seedy sort) and 6 count `em SIX prostitutes working the beat. *_* They werent exactly nice looking either. I think 2 of them were trannies. It was cold outside too, so they were wearing their short skirts, showing their ass and wearing those 6 inch heels. Herman felt bad for them; it was just ridiculous. Really. So, obviously we turned back to check out some jazz, but the place we originally saw wasnt exactly poppin. After about 15 minutes there, we bounced and ended up at this karaoke joint a block off California called Encore. This place was such a great call people were having a blast, dancing (more like jumping up and down in a drunken stupor), singing their ass off and not giving a damn. We decided (or rather I decided… hehe) to get a couple white russians to relax. Man, it was great… everyone was singing and having a good time. It was such a nice atmosphere. We were going to sing but they stopped taking requests after a little bit. That would have been SO cool! Hehe. We were there til about 1:30 when we had to go and retrieve the car.

God, wed been screaming all day! The roller coasters, the karaoke singing… I had SOO much fun! Very full day indeed.

Today looks like that Oakland Chinatown StreetFest. After that, who knows! Hes got work tomorrow… 😛 Hehe. So well have to see what we can do without it getting too late. And I’ve gotta plan out what I want to do tomorrow! 😀 For now I’m just going to enjoy the rest of the weekend.