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Jam Packed Full of Goodies!

Dare I go into my Saturday with incredible scrutiny or shall I merely transcribe an overview of my goings-on? Hehe… shucks, I had a blast on Saturday! And talk about jam packed full of goodies! I think bullet format will succintly portray the sequence of events…

— First: Tea and Sympathy

Words do not sufficiently describe how AWESOME this place is. After a relatively late start, Herman and I went downtown to Tea and Sympathy down on Greenwich Street. Ahh! This place has the best Brit food EVER. Honest to goodness. We drank down our ginger beer while yammin on a chicken pot pie (him) and a shepherd’s pie (me). There’s always the inevitable waddle out of the place that seems to occur, it’s just that damn good! *laughs* Always a staple, I’m telling ya.

— Then: Movietime! — The World @ Cinema Village

“The World” is an interesting movie from mainland China about an amusement park in Beijing that is supposed to give visitors the experience of seeing the world “without leaving Beijing”. This movie was Herman’s idea after seeing it somewhere and it looked interesting. What ended up happening is a slight confusion throughout the whole story! The plot was questionable at best and there were plotholes exponentially. And the ending… let’s not even discuss that. It was an interesting attempt by director Jia Zhangke to portray the nature of life in Beijing. People were always looking to the skies, wishing they could be somewhere, but in a way, knowing they’ll never get out. It is a portrayal (or atttempt thereof) of the futility of life there. They compensate with unusual relationships and friendships in search of stability. Interesting movie.

— Then: Oh wait, I forgot how we dodged the rainstorm! The torrential downpour that ensued was hilarious. We were just under the sign at the cinema when WHOOSH! there came the rain. EXCELLENT timing.

— Ok, then: Meandering into Washington Square Park… the Magic Show?

Now we all know Washington Square Park, right? It was packed with people that day… lots of performers of course. We were just being kinda lazy, walking around and being blah. Whatever. we happened upon this funny ass guy that was doing magic in the park. It was a really big crowd, you know? There were kids around and stuff and there he was just slipping out a curse here and a curse there. But he was really good at his craft. He called out this Greek guy from the audience and this black girl from Indiana to do a rope tie trick kinda… it was hilarious. He kept saying “just two more minutes, guys” when all these kids came up to get balloons in the shapes of miscellaneous creatures. It was hilarious! The whole show was great tho… I’m not really into that sort of thing, but that time it was entirely appropriate.

— Then: Walking around… trying to eat… COMEDY SHOW?!

Ok, we got out of the movie late and by the time we left the park, it was even later! So after a little discussion and a little walking around (down St. Mark’s and around on 2nd to Bleecker) we decided to find a comedy show place. Those guys are usually around in full force, so it didn’t take long before we were bombarded with people trying to sell us. So, Comedy Village it was, but the show didn’t start for another hour, which gave us some time to get something to eat. Unfortunately, the place we chose to get burgers at didn’t really want to make them in a timely manner (bastards), we had to bail and ended up having shish kebabs instead. (We should have actually had falafel — it looked GREAT, but hey…) The comedy show was a cool call… lots of good acts came up.. some political, some raunchy, and some just downright tasteless. But hey, it’s all for a few laughs, right? Whatever. There was this guy at the end that had it right with a few West Indian jokes, which of course I could TOTALLY identify with. They’re strange people.

— Last but certainly not least: Icing on the cake… The Blue Note for some music action..

We had to replenish the money coffers… most of the cash went to the two drink minimum at Comedy Village (those fucking white russians are awesome — talk about a new fave drink!). But we came back to The Blue Note and was pleasantly surprised by the band that was playing. Talk about awesome music… the main artist, Morley, has an incredible voice. She’s very much a female activist by her choice in lyrics, but who gives a shit. She’s not only a pretty little thing, but she’s really really talented. The entire band was just so laid back and chill. The atmosphere of the whole damn PLACE was chill. I love that stuff, people and places that have a true appreciation for music. It was just jamming out, random people coming up on stage to perform that she knew… it’s just amazing stuff.

I’ll be going back there, without a doubt.

And so kiddies, that is my night. Ended around 3am… long day, huh? But it was unbelievable. C’est fin… 🙂