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In Defense of Liberty

Ladies and gentlemen, we have officially and willingly given up our civil liberties.

I am appalled that people of this fine city of New York think that it is okay for the police to randomly search patrons of the NYC Transit System. People are scared to death that something very similar to what has happened in London will happen here. No one expected something like that to happen, so how much difference will “randomly” checking people make?

Apparently the MTA doesn’t realize just how easy it would be to infiltrate a bomb onto any length of the subway or bus system. Granted, the campaign for errant bags left behind is a good one; if you see something awry, then say something. That’s fine. BUT last I checked, regular individuals (that may be skipped in their random checks) can not only walk onto platforms and other restricted areas of the system, but onto moving trains themselves and detonate those monstrosities. It would do unspeakable damage! Ask any homeless person just how easily it would be to get down into the system — they’re the ones that would know the secret ways around. I doubt that the MTA will “randomly” check those bums that sleep on the trains. They too can be the harbingers of bombs, just another disguise to use and pass through.

The bottom line of this is — terrorists are going to do their dastardly deeds. Yes, the city should take preventative measures like video surveillance and police patrols on the platforms/trains to keep the potential threat as minimal as possible. However, I don’t think looking into my bag and finding a used dildo would count as a weapon of destruction. You know? If anything, we are forgetting what precepts this country was founded on. This reminds me of the provisions of the Patriot Act and what law enforcement has the “right” to do to the civilians of this nation. How far are we going to do before that fine line of privacy and safety gets demolished? Perhaps it already has been tossed to the side.