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Big Inconvenience

The foot surgery on Friday was a success. The doc swears that everything looks good, but by the pain and the inability to work, I wouldn’t think so. 😛 Anyway, I go in on Wednesday for a bandage change and I guess I’ll see what exactly they did while I’m there. The whole thing was weird. I went in and when they actually got started, the anesthesiologist had already put some stuff in my system… I wasn’t fully asleep, just in this half in/half out state of consciousness. I could hear the saw (or whatever it was — it was bloody loud) working and I could feel pressure in the region, but no real pain per se at the time.

Now that it’s all over, my feet are swollen and it’s very difficult to walk. I don’t know if I’m making it in to work Monday — that’s going to be a pain taking the train and walking up and down stairs to get where I need to go. *sigh* I guess there really isn’t any one real convenient time to get things of this nature done.

So, I’m taking advantage of the downtime to do some much needed work. I’m working on a installation page for Fedora Core 4 on my new laptop. I’m also going to do one for my old computer (as soon as I get around to it) for my installation experience with Gentoo. Anyway, I think I’m going to get started on work. Went to bed around 1:30 and it’s 9:30. No more sleep for me. I had a rough time sleeping anyway.