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Be Very Afraid!

I’m scared, people.

I just got home after being away from my apartment for the weekend to find that the scaffolding in the front of my apartment is GONE. After months of living here, it’s gone and I’m actually seeing the place for the first time without impediments. Here is the problem: MY ENTIRE APARTMENT IS COMPLETELY EXPOSED NOW!!! I’m really freaked out by this. I’m on the first floor, right in the corner before you enter the building. People can pretty much see into my apartment. I don’t have window guards on the windows (YET) and it’s pretty accessible. 🙁

It is an issue I am going to quickly rectify! Dammit.

To top it off, this Spanish guy tried to hit on me on my way into my apartment. He was really invading my personal space, trying to touch me and kissing my hand and crap. Ugh. He thought I was “beautiful” — regardless of how good I look or not, you don’t touch me. He was trying to get my number and you know what, if he wasn’t super greasy looking, way shorter than me, JUST GOT OUT OF JAIL (yes, he volunteered that information!) and totally invading my space, it would have been okay for him to hit on me. I was not about to get on the wrong side of a recently released jailbird (he said he was in the pen for 6 years! omg…) that was liable to rape me on moment’s notice. Stay on his good side and disappear into the building… Thank GOD I live in a big ass building. Whew. But I can’t have my place THIS exposed.

Tomorrow: Roman blinds, talk to the super about fixing my window and the window guards. STAT.