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Wanted: A Super Sexy Looking Laptop!!

So here’s the deal. My trusty Sony VAIO PCG-GR370 of 4 years, is about to kick the bucket. I opened the screen a few days ago and one of the hinges popped out, so now it’s precariously connected to the base of the thing. Obviously it’s no longer portable and I can’t close the bloody thing otherwise it’ll just die right then and there.

So I’m searching the market once again, this time for something sexy, really sexy… but functional enough to run Fedora Core 4. Generally, anything with decent specs will RUN it, but hardware compatibility is always the issue with Linux. I would rather not have to go through a plethora of recompiles and miscellaneous crap just to get, for instance, my WiFi to work, but if it has to be done, then so be it. So, enough fussing about what I *MAY* (more than likely — hehe) have to do… here’s what I’m looking for:

* 15.4″ widescreen (yes, I caved in after seeing the sexy screen *drool*)
* less than 6.5 lbs (weight is important)
* minimum of 512MB memory
* integrated 802.11 b/g (I’ll probably still have to fix this anyway)
* preferably no software on it (I’m putting Fedora on it, so I’d rather not pay the “windows tax”), but if it does have a WinOS on it, fine.
* aesthetically appealing – like a nice jet black or a nice silver color. (I saw this one by Sony in RED! The VGN-T350P/T. Isn’t it sexy?)
* at least a DVD/CD-RW opt drive (DVD-RW/CD-RW would be nice too, but not a necessity — I have a desktop with that capability already)
* good battery life (obviously)
* respectable processor speed – the mobile Centrino is the best option there @ at least 1.6 GHz.
* at least a 60GB HD
* all the other standard goodies: USB and Firewire ports, a modem jack, LAN jack, nice resolution for the screen, etc etc.
* a full size QWERTY keyboard, if possible.

The other thing I’d like, which might be a tad unreasonable, is a reader for my Sony Memory Sticks. While I CAN connect it via USB or Firewire, I’d rather not. Just another cable to putz around with.

I OBVIOUSLY will have help with the Fedora install. I’m hardly any Linux anything at this point in time. BUT I do want to have a more proactive role in the process than I did the first time around. That’s the plan.

Here are the computers I like so far (mind you some of them have what I’m looking for and some don’t):

Asus S5N

Asus Z71V

Sony FS500

Ok, tell me what you think! E-mail me at mikam at koneko dot org.