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Six Month Purgatory… Over.

It is now time to come clean. For those of you that don’t know, I haven’t had a single drop of liquor for 6 months straight as of today. I stopped drinking after an incident where I blacked out and didn’t remember a damn thing of what happened. In truth, it freaked me out unlike anything else I’ve ever done before. Any number of things could have happened to me, but luckily I had someone I could trust to get me home in one piece. Don’t ask me what happened — I still don’t remember to this day.

Either way, despite the 6 month purgatory being over, I still have no real desire to drink anything. I hyped it up incredibly over the last few months, playing it up to say June 1st is going to be the get out there and drink extravaganza. Now that it’s here, I actually just want to stay at home and clean my clothes. How quickly things change. Have I grown up a bit more? Maybe. Granted, it is nice to have a glass of wine with an Italian or French meal… or some similar food accompaniment. But drinking for drinking sake… just to get the buzz… I think I’m done.