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Self-Confidence. Courage. Faith. Love.

It is my belief that this is what it takes for a woman to really appreciate herself and what she has to offer the world.

(This statement is not exclusive to women, per se. I say this only because there are many women out there that don’t believe in themselves enough to fight for what they want in life. Men, you are welcome to take this one on.)

First, when I love myself, I know not only that I am capable of giving love to others, but that I am open and receptive to receiving love when it is given. When I have faith in myself, the decisions I make and the paths I choose, I give myself the opportunity to see doors that otherwise would have been closed to me. When I am filled with courage, the strength within that pushes me to do the impossible when fear and doubt may fill the mind and heart, I am capable of doing anything and having anything in this world happen. I know that nothing will happen if I don’t jump in headfirst and go for it, regardless of what the results may be. And lastly, if I have self-confidence, believing in myself and knowing that I am worthy, I create confidence in others, giving them the strength to look beyond what others may say, what society may dictate, and allow myself and others to stand tall, stand confident and never let naysayers sway me from my course.

I am Woman… and this is my pledge.