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Household Discoveries

When I’m at home, as a generality, I tend to do one of four things:

1) clean
2) watch tv
3) write on my computer
4) sleep

Today, I opted to do numbers 1 and 2. There were some legacy bags sitting around the house that I decided to empty and sort. That was a worthwhile venture! I have NO MORE STRAY BAGS in the house! It’s great! I’m so pleased. Then, I watched “Pirates of the Caribbean…” on Encore today. Man, that’s such a great movie! LOL. Every time I see it, I’m dying laughing. Granted, now I think the ending is really corny and I’m thoroughly convinced that Orlando should just stay as a supporting actor. He doesn’t have the presence for lead roles (as clearly evidenced by “Kingdom of Heaven”).

So now I’m going to bed so that I can go get my hair done in Brooklyn tomorrow. 🙂 And go visit my mommy. 😛 That should be nice. Oyasumi.

EDIT: Oh wait! That laundry I dropped off earlier in the week… they did a GREAT job! I’m never doing my own laundry again! AMEN!