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Asus Z63A is the new BABY….

The Asus Z63A looks like its going to be my new laptop. The price is reasonable, given the specs I’m going to select and it looks pretty damned sexy. It’s only 4.8 lbs in weight, which will be almost half the size of my current monstrosity.

The only concern is that since this computer is relatively new, there isn’t any real documented support for Linux, more specifically the Fedora distro. It may be a tough go of it because of that, but at least Asus hardware seems to be pretty consistent overall, it might not be too bad. I’m hoping that it will work with this computer! *keeps fingers crossed* It’s too cute to NOT be able to run Linux! C’mon!

Once I have this new thing, I’m going to screw around with the Sony and scrub it (format the whole damn thing) and install Fedora all by myself just to see how I do. It’ll really test my troubleshooting skills and having an idea of what to do. I’m not good at all at this, but I’m willing to try.