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A Whole Lot of Things Going On…

It appears that I have a lot to say this time around, but I want to say it in a concise manner that conveys the maximum amount of information. So here goes:

— I finished that Murakami book, “Norwegian Wood” on Saturday. Having never read any of his work before, I was really shocked by his style of writing and subject matter. It was unusual, his chatter about the mundaneness of living and how people are in relation to each other and their relationship in society as a whole. It was thoroughly enjoyable, even if there was a pervasive theme of suicide throughout the whole thing. I am going to attempt to read “The Life of Pi” now, which he says is enough to make a man believe in God for sure.

— The new laptop has been purchased. I have to call the company tomorrow to confirm the order, but it should be quite promising. 4.8 lbs of sexy computer with really good stats. I take care of my electronic equipment really well, so I’m not surprised that my Sony has lasted this long (4 years). It’s served me well and has done more than its share of travel to miscellaneous states and countries. I’m looking forward to this new one. If you haven’t seen the specs, have a look here.

— Herman and I had a nice time this weekend! I really enjoy spending time with him; he’s a great guy. We didn’t do all that much per se, but he did help me move some crap I’ve had in Brooklyn forever to my apartment uptown. We moved 6 boxes, but I couldn’t take the bookcase (daggone thing is way too tall), so I’ll get the rest another time. There’s some clothes and stuff in the small bookcase I have to go through. Makes no sense to truck stuff over here only to throw it out anyway, right? I’ll work on that sometime next week.

— Back to Herman for a minute, I went off on a tangent with the move stuff. We had a REALLY nice time on Saturday after I drove the car back to Brooklyn. We sat out at the Promenade for a while, just chatting about stuff (we actually had a great conversation). Then we ate at this restaurant on Montague Street (that wasn’t so good — the blintzes are about it). Afterward, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge! Isn’t that cool? The city is SO nice at night; I had certainly forgotten how beautiful all the lights and water are. But all in all, it was very very nice. I really like this whole deal… 🙂

— Finally, I caught up on some TiVo stuff at home today and watched “American Dad” and the “Revelations” mini series. “American Dad” was frickin hilarious. Between that show and “Family Guy”, they’re just ‘off da hook’! LOL. I was surprised by “Revelations” though. It was a decent mini-series and all, but it left me unfulfilled, as if there was more to happen. I expected some massive catastrophe type stuff, but that’s not what happened at all. There were a TON of scientific inconsistencies in the show, but I guess you had to take it all with a grain of salt anyway. *shrug* It was good to get off my box.

I did say “Finally” didn’t I? Well, I’m not done yet. I thought about writing a quick short story about suicide… well, more a situational suicide. The story I wrote way back when, “Sunrise”, was basically a glorified suicide. But that’s not the kind of thing I want to write — it would be more raw, more significant of what goes through a person’s mind as they are about to go. The emotions, the intensity, the fervent desire to end it all… those are very powerful things to try and mold into moving words. Don’t get me wrong, I have no desire to die or anything. In fact, this story I have in mind is about the celebration of life. You’ll just have to see.

Right now, I’m listening to Sasha’s Airdrawndagger CD. I just love this thing. It’s ambient electronica and just puts me in the mood to do one of two things: write or sleep. Since it’s nearly midnight, it’ll have to be sleep. That’s one of the good things about having this desktop computer of mine (that’s where it’s playing right now). That reminds me, I’ve gotta call my uncle. He mentioned something about introducing a Japanese girl he knows to me. That and I have to hook up with him for music.