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New York Simply Amazes Me

As if the trip from Brooklyn wasn’t long enough, I had to watch this guy on the train disappear between the cars to take a piss. Yes, take a piss. Then he had the unmitigated nerve to touch the poles as he came back and took a seat. Talk about completely disgusting!! This is why New York has such a bad reputation. It’s great for the landmarks and other wonderful notable places that it has to offer, but it is wretched when it comes to basic common courtesy. You don’t take our your “beast” in the middle of a bloody train ride. That’s just not proper in the least! This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this either. I just don’t get why guys can’t hold it and wait like women do (most women, let me state that very quickly). You’ll get to a bathroom or get off the train and handle it. C’mon.

Anyway, I did have a very nice evening with Vicki and some people from LP29 and some of Vicki’s friends. It was great seeing Kevin, Heather, Suzy and Craig. Kevin looks awesome with his new beard… he’s so laid back. And Heather is just so hot looking, it’s no wonder Hollywood is going to be her playground. 🙂 I’m excited for her. Suzy’s doing her thing, senioring LP34… she’s a little powerhouse of energy and awesomeness. And Craig… well, words don’t describe my sweetheart. 😉 I love those guys. Didn’t I just make a post like that earlier on today? Hehe. Well, I’m back at home and I’m in a bit of a writing mood. I think I’ll stay up for a little bit and write something, anything… I need to get my juices flowing again. Things have been a little stagnant in the writing arena of late.