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Moving Stuff This Weekend?

I was considering moving the rest of my crap from my mom’s house in Brooklyn over the weekend and I’ve been getting prices for movers. It’s not a lot of stuff that I have, so I don’t understand why the people I’ve been in contact with are charging me $160+ to move stuff. I’ve got 6 boxes (3 with books, 3 with clothes), a 6 shelf bookcase that can be dismantled and a moving 4 shelf moving storage case. That’s it! That’s not worth $160 of moving!

So, I think I’m just gonna do it myself. I can rent a U-Haul van to move it. Shucks, if I’m really inventive, I can stuff it all in my mom’s car and drive it up in that! Shoot… I might just do that. These people are ridiculous.

HOWEVER! I do need a body to help me move this crap. Those books are HEAVY!! :-/ Any volunteers? I’d appreciate the help and I’d be sure to feed you afterward! 😀 Write or call me!

Ideally, I would like to do it Saturday mid-afternoon, but I may have to push it back a week.

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