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Lots To Update

Hey! I’m back from SF… feeling pretty good right about now. I have a lot of pictures to upload and share with you all. You will find them all in my photography section:

Look under “Northern California”. I’ve got about 45-50 pics to upload, so please be patient. Most of them came out really well, especially the ones from when we drove down the coast.

Long and short of it, I had a blast. WE had a blast. It was a great trip — the interview went okay and fingers are still crossed for the best news. We drove all over SF, to the wharf, to Chinatown, over the Golden Gate… and we trekked down the coast on US-1. It was all very nice. I perused San Jose on my own and overall, we had some good grub in various places. Not bad considering we didn’t have a single thing planned. 😉

Needless to say, my spell has been broken! I have someone I can actually travel with now! It’s a very good feeling. I’m done for tonight… look for those pics in a few!