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Linux on my Sony laptop!

I have an older model Sony Vaio notebook (PCG-GR370) and there’s some pretty slim documentation on how to load up Linux on the thing: (this is probably the better one and even this is slim)

Of course, *I* myself didn’t load any of this stuff up. 😉 I’m not dumb! Get a professional to handle that type of thing (i.e., Herman). So, this weekend I took the plunge and had the hard drive wiped clean to load up Red Hat Fedora. Apparently there’s this debate as to what’s better vs. Red Hat, like Debian. Essentially, Debianhas more stuff, but Red Hat is a little more user friendly… or so it seems. We were looking at this new distribution, Kubuntu, and it look great! Loads up really nice and everything. The fonts SUCK though!! Ugh. And you know how I am about FONTS.

So, Fedora it was. I’m trying it out now and seeing how it feels. It’s all really new to me and I’m just jumping in it. 🙂 The GUI is kinda weird, but nice. And working in the shell again is interesting! I’ve gotta learn those UNIX commands all over. It’s been a geeky, nerdy experience, but I’m really excited about learning this stuff! It makes the computing experience exciting again.

Being that my Sony is so old, there were some problems. Most notably was the power management thing on my computer; it seemed like it was draining really quickly from the battery, but after some tinkering and what not, it got handled. It’s interesting how many problems can potentially come up with these sorts of things, I never realized! But it’s cool, troubleshooting. Makes you think about what COULD potentially work, even some out of the box type stuff that you wouldn’t originally consider. Keeps things fresh.

Well, that’s my Linux experience so far. Nice. I might not be saying that after I start getting serious about using the shell. I didn’t make this move to Linux for another primarily GUI experience; I wanted to be challenged to learn something new, interact with my computing environment in the way it was originally intended. The nerd in me demands that it is so.

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