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Learning Process?

So last night I got home and decided to get on my laptop to do some standard stuff — email, paying bills, etc. — and I saw I had some updates to make to the computer, so I just went ahead and did it.

Lo and behold, I managed to screw up the kernel by updating it without taking into account there are other things that are dependent on the existing version of the kernel. And what happened is that my internet connection stopped being detected and it pooped out on me basically. *shrug* It was kinda late when it happened, so I didn’t bother looking around to see what I needed to do.

I sent Herman and e-mail about what happened, and he had some suggestions for what I should do. I would have looked around tonight and found it, but it’s nice to have straightforward directions. 🙂 Ehh. But I have to do it myself and see how it works.