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Busy June

Indeed, it is the end of May and the summer supposedly is starting. At least the hurricane season is starting… *shrug* Either way, this June is going to be a very busy one, so I’m actually rather glad I’ve spent this much time with Herman. It’s been weird, actually spending proliferous amounts of time with someone. It has been an unusual, but great experience. That’s not to say I’m not going to see him or anyone else for that matter; I’m just going to be consumed with some stuff I need to do.

Japanese class starts TOMORROW (can you believe it?), I’ve got studying to do for the IRS exam in September (it ain’t easy and I’ve got to take the stinkin thing again cause I didn’t study properly the first time around), the Masters Course for PD in about a week or two and some other stuff. This in addition to seeing my mom, cooking for her… seeing friends, catching up with them… It promises to be a busy one! BUT… if you know me well, I do my best work when I’m busy. 😉 So I’m kinda looking forward to it.