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Things To Accomplish Today

As nice as the day is, I still have a ton of things I need to finish. I have NO clothes to wear… and I wish I were exaggerating. There’s nothing clean in my house!! It’s so shameful, so I’m going to rectify that situation really quickly tonight. This is the bachelorette’s syndrome!

I’ve also got that food to drop off at my mom’s, but I’m going to do that around 3pm this afternoon and just go straight home to wash.

I had a weird dream last night… well, a couple actually. I thought that I had lost about $1,000 cash from my bank account and I was completely frantic because I hadn’t spent the cash on anything. :-/ I woke up kinda laid back this morning… in a better mood than when I went to sleep last night. Just when I thought I’d left my dark moods behind, it pops up again. At least it’s only temporary and I have means to make myself feel a little peppier. Today, I’m feeling better… not 100%, maybe around 90%. Just like the weather… :)

Ehh… back to work.