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Absolutely Fabulous…

This weekend was ridiculously nice and for multiple reasons. First, the weather. OMG! OH… MY… GOD… I’m telling you, it was just so beautiful outside on Sunday! Nice and warm, calm winds… just plain old nice. Every day should be like that.

Two, the company. I had such fun with Herman… eating out at some great restaurants (ok, we had two flops), taking in Central Park, boat rowing out on the lake, bowling even! It was just great hanging out and just having fun relaxing. Yeah, I got some serious relax time in. Even played some video games while we were at it! LOL. Very cool stuff.

And lastly, three… the food. I ate like a damn pig this weekend and loved every minute of it. Can’t keep up this level of eating and not suffer for it though… but oh, the suffering is so worth it! LOL. What it is too is that I’ve actually found someone that really appreciates my cooking other than my mother. That makes me feel really good inside and in fact, it’s reason enough for me to keep on cooking and keep experimenting creating good dishes. Not that I’m using anyone as a guinea pig or anything, but to actually just cook because I can and I’m good at it, makes me feel… I don’t want to say “needed” because that’s not appropriate. I guess “appreciated” would do. *nods* It’s so dumb and ridiculous, I know, but it means the world to me.

So, It’s 1am and I’m still up… still high off the weekend, I guess! Hehe. My mom’s starting an exercise regimen, so I’m helping her out with some of the cooking of healthy food and so on. So I made a nice meal tonight for her to eat for a couple days… then I’m going to make something different. I’m curious to see how it will work out over the course of one month. It should be some visible differences. It’ll be unbelievable for my mom if she can start losing weight again. For that matter, I should get back into some sort of exercise regimen. All this pigginess isn’t gonna roll with the size 8 stuff I’m wearing these days. 😛

That’s it for now. Sleep.