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It’s Amazing, Really.

I just finished staffing the Advanced course last week… and the decision to senior the Leadership Program was before me. But I decided against it. I was amazed to see how many people were disappointed that I wasn’t going to do it and for a moment, I considered just doing it, but I realized that is what I have done in my life and it is the reason my life doesn’t work the way I want it to. Doing something because everyone else wants me to doesn’t work for me. It’s not selfish, I think, to want to do something for yourself, to get your life back on track. There’s so much stuff I have planned for myself and that I’m working on. That isn’t my excuse or set of circumstances; I have none to prevent me from doing it. I simply don’t want to.

And amazingly, I’m okay and comfortable with my decision. :)

I’ve got an all day off-site meeting, so I won’t be answering my phone all day except periodically. I have another message to post on a different topic…