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‘Integrity’ Is The Word Of The Year!

Truly. I have experienced so many people being out of integrity this year so far, it’s DISGUSTING. What is it about human beings that we can’t keep our word? I mean, for instance… I was supposed to go out on a date and the guy told me he would call me. Tell me why he doesn’t call me AND I don’t hear from him afterward? Mind you, this is supposed to be someone I can rely on to ‘be their word’. It’s the craziest thing! This has happened TWICE!

At the very least, when you’re out of integrity, SAY you’re being out of integrity and acknowledge it. And do something different so that you don’t find yourself in that “out of integrity” situation again! I’m not exempt from this either, but it’s something that I’m always working on.

I’m somehow sourcing that people are being out of integrity all around me. What the heck is that all about? *confused* Anyway, back to work….