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Fun Outing

Friday night and today are MY DAYS and I’m really going to get a lot done and relax before things kick up again for next week.

I had a nice time hanging with Darwin tonight. We went to Yakiniku Juju (my favorite yakiniku joint in NY) and had some nice grub. He was totally fascinated with the whole cooking your own food thing. It was really new for him! Of course, this is a standard thing for me! But I’m glad he had such a great time. The food was great, of course. Then we went to see “Be Cool” at the 34th St theater. What a FUNNY movie! The plotline itself really sucked, but the characters made up for it BIG TIME. I was dying laughing for a better part of the movie. It was definitely funnier than “Get Shorty”. We enjoyed that one. Then, since it was still too early, I suggested going to play some pool, so we went over to Slate and played for a couple hours. I really enjoyed the gaming!! It was lots of fun. He beat me 3 to 5. That’s alright, there’s always next time!

So I’m heading to bed soon cause I’ve got a TON of laundry and cleaning to do later on. AND somehow I want to see my mom, who is going to be in NJ all day tomorrow. She might be staying overnight, I’m not even sure. *shrug* She’s in good hands.

This is a fitting end to my evening. Relaxing in my apartment. I love it.