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She’s Out!

I neglected to mention before that my mom was in the hospital since Monday for surgery. She’s doing much better and in fact, I’m going to pick her up from the hospital today at 1. Thank you all for your prayers and love!

Sunday I was so stressing… Those of you that know me know I HATE hospitals. The last time I was in a hospital, my grandmother died. And essentially, my mom is all I have left that’s really close to me like this. So I’m SUPER protective of her. I had a dream Sunday night that something went wrong and they nicked an artery or something… blood gushing everywhere… and then she was dead. That dream freaked me out. 🙁 But I am eternally grateful that she’s not in that type of danger now.

I’m cooking for her tonight.. :-p LOL. And keeping her company during the day today (taking off from work after 12:15p).