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It’s Here, It’s Here!! ^___^

YAY!! This is terribly noteworthy… I GOT MY SHUTTLE TODAY!! HUZZAH!!

For those of you that don’t know what a Shuttle is, go here. I ordered this computer to do my music recording at home two weeks ago and I just finished setting up the software. There’s a couple more things I need to get, but for the most part, I can start recording right this minute! Lemme tell ya the specs of this baby:

– Dual Layer DVD +/-RW / CD-RW drive
– 120 GB Hard Drive
– 512 MB RAM (I’m going to get more of course – max goes up to 2 GB of memory!)
– Wireless LAN (no need to be right next to the router or cable modem! I’m wireless baby!)

I didn’t need any software except Win XP Pro. This is strictly a work machine: DVD and CD writing, A/V recording only. I’m excited about getting my first song recorded. I’m going to go through how to use this software before I go to bed. Oh.. just a comment. Why wireless setups are such a pain is beyond me. I know you have to do things in a certain order, but it would be SO much easier if it just auto-detected the changes I make.

In other news, my mom had me really worried today! She called me up and said she got a call to go to the doctor out of the blue. Next thing I know she’s talking about driving there. WTF? Didn’t you just roll out of the hospital a week ago? Anyway, she ended up taking a cab, but she didn’t call me to let me know she got there okay. I was very worried, but after being persistent (to the doctor even, who pulled the HIPAA law regulation thing on me), I found out she was okay. My mother. Honestly.