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Happy Lunar New Year!!

IT’S THE YEAR OF THE COCK, FOLKS!! You know what that means… 😛 Actually, it’s an unlucky year for romance this year. People were rushing to get married by midnight so that their families wouldn’t have to wait another year before they get married. It’s just one of those old superstitions that refuse to go away.

Anyway, I’m supposed to be having a nice little get together with RJ tomorrow evening for the holiday, after I take my mom to the doctor for her post-op checkup. She’s been doing pretty well, all things considered.

OH! I finally came up with a new color and look for the front page of my website… I’m working on all the inner pages now, but so far I like the very simple look. And it’s about time I used a different color. I love RED, but I had to try something different. 😀 Night…