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In true Sagittarian form, I have set about learning the subtle art of flirting. Yes, it’s true folks. Mika is refining her skills. 🙂 SO, what I get to do is mercilessly and damn near maliciously hit on the men I find attractive. Ahh, the burden. Some may reject me, some may like it and some may want to jump my bones! The response is different every time, but it’s interesting to see what arises from that.

I generally don’t flirt with people, but I’ve come out of my “shell” and I’m taking it on, this little something I’ve never really done. It’s part of a whole series of things I’m trying on: sexy garb, flirting, dating… it’s odd! I’m enjoying it, but sometimes it is a bit of a distraction. :-/ If it gets too crazy, I may just pull back the intensity cause I want to keep moving forward with my goals.

The sexuality workshop is next weekend and I think it’s opportune timing for this to happen! 🙂 Things happen for a reason, don’t they…